Behind A Lens

Behind A Lens

Click, click, review - there’s more to this art than that. Details matter most. If one thing is overlooked the entire vision is subject to change. Photography is more than pressing a button and uploading a picture to social media. Photography is the ability to pause emotions and the moment to cherish and later look back on. I love photography because I have the opportunity to freeze our happiest moments and relive them again and again. This to me feels more like a superpower than a hobby.

Being able to make others smile, seeing their eyes twinkle and face light up makes my heart incredibly happy. There are times when words are unable to capture what is going on and convey our emotions, whereas a photo has the ability to show us what a specific period in time was like, while encouraging our imagination and healthy debate.

I had the pleasure of growing up with photos surrounding me. Every room I went into had a memory frozen in time. I used to write off photography as “average”, until I took the time to understand it. I remember being in middle school, noticing something as I went to different friend’s houses. I saw the simplicity of a painted room. Few walls were lined with memories as opposed to all of my walls back home. Most of my friend’s walls did not allow flashbacks to dance through the mind with each step taken, as the traveler walked past. I was unaware that the thing supporting my childhood memories, was not considered anything more than a structure, bearing the weight of a roof families live under.

Photography holds a special place in my heart. It is my outlet when I feel like speaking will not justify my passion for something, someone or when I find myself with the inability to form words describing my surroundings, an event or situation. I have always loved writing and consider it the thing I am best at. However, photography allows me to take a break from this busy world and the fast pace life I live. I think people are the most exquisite and interesting. Photography helps me get to know those around me. Just when I think I have my friends all figured out, I snap a photo and I am introduced to a new side of them. I feel the emotions they keep locked away. These photos grant me a small peek into their mind. Overall, my favorite thing about photography is being able to bond with someone. No matter what happens in life or how far away the person in the photo is, the connection remains.

When I look over the projects I have worked on, I am transported back to the moment when the photo was taken. Each experience is different. Sometimes people are aware when I take a picture of them and other times I catching them in the moment unaware of anything other than the thing resulting in an smile from ear to ear. My one friend likes to do this thing when I photograph him. He’s in the moment doing his thing and then he’ll look directly into my camera and pull a funny face. Something as simple as having the person in front of the camera goof off and pull their signature move/look is rewarding to capture.

Photography is fun and even a bit stressful. I love it don’t get me wrong, but I’m constantly critiquing myself and making sure I am able to fully capture someone’s personality. What I remind myself when I feel as if other’s photos are better than mine, I remember why I started learning this art. I am invested in photography and passionate about it because I want to help people see how beautiful they are. I want to help people fall in love with themselves, the way the world is falling in love with them.

What is the thing that makes you want to get up every morning and start the day?

Macaila Britton is a Chicago Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a focus on fitness, photography and helping the community. You will rarely spot her without a notebook and her camera. Follow her @MacailabB13 on Twitter & Instagram, or visit her website,